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Super Why Bash!

on 09/08/2013

My little guy turned 3 yesterday and several months ago I started to plan his celebration. He enjoys the PBS cartoon “Super Why”. It was during one of the shows that I first heard my son saying his ABC’s along with Alpha Pig. So I figured, why not do a Super Why party. I started scanning websites and Pinterest for ideas, and my mind started spinning with all the cool things that I could do. I finally settled on capes, masks, and a Super Why cake.

I found a cape pattern on “Thread Riding Hood” (http://threadridinghood.com/wordpress/made-by-me-monday-super-hero-cape-pattern-tutorial/). The pattern seemed fairly easy to follow and make…the only problem becomes trying to make 12 of them in a week after work! 🙂 It was grueling work, but the outcomes were awesome!

The was a round cake of Super Why’s face. Not too difficult to make, just a matter of getting the colors just right. It brought back memories of me and my sisters decorating our birthday cakes with my mom. I’m excited that I now get to do it for my children. I was inspired by the super why cakes from http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com and http://www.5dollardinners.com.

Thank you to everyone that helped us celebrate Andrew’s 3rd birthday! We had a wonderful day!

little capes IMG_3570 IMG_3581 IMG_3588 IMG_3595 IMG_3631 IMG_3632

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